Make smart health decisions so you can thrive
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Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food - Hippocrates

will help various health conditions through nutritional and life style changes for long term benefits.  

If you experience any of the​​ health concerns below, NHA can help:

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...I struggled with my weight most of my life, I tried lots of diets but I always ended in  gaining back weight.
Develop life long habits of healthy weight.

... I don't feel so hot, I can't run or play with my kids as I used to  and I feel a lack of energy.

Bring your groove back so you can thrive.

...I have early signs of high blood pressure or blood sugar, arthritis, cholesterol or other concerns.
​Respond to your body's silent cry for help.​​

.​​​​...I am on several meds, gaining weight and not having enough energy. Experiencing a number of health conditions.
Take steps for you to feel better.

Let us act now! 

New: upcoming Health Seminars 
NewHealthAhead invites you to two new Health Seminars:

Alzheimer's disease: how to lower risk 
Date: September 23, 10:00 am-12:00 pm
Location:  Atlanta-Fulton Public Library - Buckhead
  269 Buckhead Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30305

Visit our Events page for more details
To save a seat visit Eventbrite here
Nutrition and cancer prevention 
Date: September 23, 4:00 pm- 6:00 pm
Location:  Atlanta-Fulton Public Library - Sandy Springs 
395 Mount Vernon Hwy,  Atlanta, GA
To save a seat visit Eventbrite here

What will being health​​​​​y allow you to achieve?

   ​ Newhealthahead is here to listen to your health goals and partner with you in a step by step plan to bring back your vitality and wellbeing     

Are you ready to take control of your health?

Yes, I am ready.
No matter where we start, you can feel better fast​​, by learning and applying natural health.
Will you act now so you start feeling better within 21 days?
Yes, I will act now!
NEW! Eating garlic every day... much easier than you thought....
The health effects of garlic could not be overstated, in other words, everybody knows... still people hardly ever eat garlic,and many, when they do, resort to garlic powder or salt... but there is a simple way to eat fresh garlic every day... Read more...
Just a few dietary changes can make a big difference in the way you feel day after day....
These three ideas can be easily implemented and with long lasting results....
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Read article
Why NewHealthAhead?

Many of us were brought up to reach out for a pill for pain or any other ailments but we were rarely asked to change our diet or life style in the name of health.
Too many times this proved to be an unsatisfying solution.
So we turned to Natural Medicine. But to get results, here we need to change the way we look at healing.

Dr. Sozanski aims to change your health approach paradigm, by empowering you to make long term health decisions and thrive.

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