Make smart health decisions so you can thrive
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Start turning around your nutrition habits with fast results:
1.   Make an event out of eating
  • Many cultural traditions encourage eating with attention to what you eat
  • Enjoy family and friends sitting together and having a great time
  • It will take you longer to finish the meal - aiding digestion
  • You will feel satisfied without​  overeating
  • You will enjoy your food more

​2.    Invest in your health    
  • Quality food can cost more-Eat more at home… cooking wholesome foods at home will allow you to buy better quality food for a fraction of the eat-out budget
  • Less is more…choose quality over quantity
  • Quality food brings pleasure in the short term and health in the long term ​
3.    Stick to the wall at the grocery      
  •  Visit mostly the bakery, fresh poultry and eggs, meats, fish, cheese and especially, especially the fresh vegetables and fruits isles!
  • Avoid center isles, particularly those filled with processed foods… like white flour breads and cake mixes, packaged lunch meats, cheese slices, carbonated drinks, margarine or fat free mayos
  • However, there are center isles desirable choices: whole grains: wild & brown rice,  quinoa, whole wheat flour; oils: olive, grape seed and coconut oils; wine: preferably red; house cleaning products: preferably ecologically friendly

        To be continued...

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