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Alzheimer's disease has become an epidemic in the United States and today is it also called the "Type 3 Diabetes" due to its links to nutrition and lifestyle. More and more research shows the benefits of healthy nutrition and lifestyle in lowering the risk of cognitive diseases, including Alzheimer's and Parkinson. 
​​Several interventions were proven effective into prevention and reversal of cognitive decline.
Note: a natural health provider would be able to advise the priority and dosage, also if interaction is present with current medication
Vitamins C, D and E: abundantly available in plants or supplements,
they have antioxidant, immune system boosting and gene regulation properties
Omega fatty acids powerful anti inflammatory, available in fish but
also in flax seeds, eat two tablespoons ground/day
Alpha lipoic acid and  L-Acetyl carnitine: first line of defense against early cognitive decline
Melatonin: a hormone produced by the pineal gland with multiple health benefits, including protection against cognitive decline
Vitamins B12, B6, folic acid and niacin needed to maintain healthy homocysteine levels
Vitamin D for immune system protection
Coenzyme CoQ10 for cellular oxigenation
... and latest research additions such as resveratrol, vinpocentine, PQQ, ME3, pygnogenol and Alpha GPC

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